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Don’t Walk Around And Consume The Beverage

Traditionally, Japanese people stand in front of the vending machine after making a purchase and consume the item completely before throwing it away and moving freely. Making a purchase and consuming it while walking is considered quite rude, but as a foreigner, you will be easily forgiven. For your consideration, keep recycling in mind. Japan has very limited natural resources.


There will often be a special bin for cans, bottles and plastic ‘PET’ bottles located somewhere near the vending machine. Don’t forget about your change. Change will be dispensed towards the bottom of the machine. If it doesn’t come out automatically – or if you changed your mind about your purchase and want your yen back. One of the cons of owning a vending machine business is the challenge of finding the right locations.

If you are located in stores without much foot traffic, it will have a negative impact on your earnings. You may need to hire a professional locator; however, hiring one can be expensive. One reason to hire a locator is that some stores may want a percentage of your profits. Experienced locators can negotiate the best deal for you. However, before deciding upon a locator, make sure you check the Better Business Bureau in the locator’s area. Many scam artists operate in the vending industry.

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