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Select The Item Of Your Choice

Press the lit up button beneath the display of the item you want to purchase. The button will not light up if the required amount is not inserted in the machine. The button will be red if the item is sold out.¬†Although quite simple, a foreigner with very little understanding of Japanese may have difficulty operating one of the country’s many vending machines with speed and efficiency.

One truth about vending machines is both a pro and con: They can be expensive, but the cost of starting a vending business is substantially less a storefront business. Mechanical vending machines can cost several thousand dollars. Larger electronic units can cost more, unless you buy them wholesale.

If you have 10 mechanical machines to start, your initial investment for machines and products can be $20,000 to $30,000. Bulk machines are considerably less expensive at several hundred dollars each. However, you will need dozens and even hundreds of these machines to make a significant income.

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