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Spend Change & Satisfy All Your Cravings

Buy food from a vending machine with little hassle by using coins instead of dollar bills. Creased or worn dollars aren’t always accepted by sensors on vending machines, so play it safe by always using coins. Be sure currency is U.S.; standard vending machines don’t accept Canadian or foreign currency.

You only get one chance to punch in the right number, so look closely at the keypad on the vending machine and double check the number of the item you want to purchase before you punch it in. Key it in slowly to make sure you’re selecting the right item.¬†Once you establish your routine, the business is relatively easy to operate.

Locate a wholesale food supplier to buy your products. Many vending machine owners purchase the products they will need for the day, then head out on their routes. Next, determine how often to visit your locations. Hopefully, your products will sell quickly and you will have to restock once or twice per week. It is important to keep the food fresh and replace anything expired.

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